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The Dental Arch is a state-of-the-art dental clinic in Mumbai, where complex dental treatments are carried out in a comfortable and modern atmosphere.

The Dental Arch is designed to provide dental treatment in Mumbai in a calm and relaxing environment. The dental clinic also follows highest standards of sterilization protocols, keeping in mind the health and safety of all patients. We are one of the very few dental clinics in Mumbai, which has an in-house water distillation unit to provide contamination free dentistry in Mumbai.

Our philosophy is to provide all our patients with the highest standards of pain-free dental treatment. Our dental clinic in Mumbai therefore has the most sophisticated dental equipment for dental treatment in Mumbai like, a fully customized and equipped dental chair, a digital RVG (X-Ray) system, an Endomotor Unit to provide accurate Single Visit Root Canal Treatments, a best-in-class Dental Implant placement system by W&H and many more.

The Dental Arch is headed by Endodontists (Root Canal Specialists) Dr. Gaurav Poplai and Dr. Kanika Madan, who believe in accomplishing dental treatments only at the hands of the best dentist in Mumbai. All dental treatments are therefore carried out by Post Graduate Dentists, who have mastered specific aspects of dentistry. This approach allows the patients to get personalized dental treatment, at the hands of the best dentist in Mumbai for the particular procedure. Thus, we only work with the top dental experts in Mumbai for patients to have the results they deserve.

The plethora of dental services provided by our experienced dentist in Mumbai, ranges from regular cleaning and polishing to extensive smile makeovers involving intricate dental aesthetics. Our services include painless single visit Root Canal Treatments, Dental Veneers, Wisdom Tooth Extractions and Oral Surgical Procedures, Implant Dentistry (Dental Implants), Dental Crowns, Dentures, Bleaching and Teeth Whitening, Braces Treatment (Orthodontics), Cosmetic Dentistry and Laser Gum Depigmentation.

What makes The Dental Arch a preferred choice for your dental treatment in mumbai

The Dental Arch is a full-service dental clinic in Mumbai, that prides itself on superior quality and Western standards of excellence for dentistry in Mumbai.

  • Using Innovative Technology:

    The Dental Arch utilizes dental equipment only manufactured by globally renowned companies to carry out precise pain-free dental treatment in a comfortable setting. We also follow strict sterilization protocols for all dental treatment procedures, making us the top dental clinic in Mumbai.

  • Unmatched Expertise:

    We are a team of highly experienced dentists in Mumbai. Every treatment is carried out by dentists with years of specialization in their respective field of dentistry. This ensure that all our patients have the best possible dental treatment experience.

  • Valuing Your Time

    We ensure that all dental treatments are carried out on schedule. This makes us the top dental clinic in Mumbai for Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Dental Implants and Smile Makeovers.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    We ensure quality dental treatment in Mumbai at affordable costs. The cost of dental treatment is very reasonable compared to Europe or North America. The perfect blend of superior dental treatments at affordable prices, makes us the top destination for dental tourism in Mumbai.


  • Are Dental Treatments In Mumbai Affordable?

    Dental treatments in Mumbai are usually much cheaper than global standards. That being said, Mumbai has the advantage of having the best dentists and top laboratories to provide for quality of dentistry that is par excellence. This makes Mumbai the hub of dental tourism in Mumbai.

  • Planning For a Dental Treatment In Mumbai?

    The Dental Arch India would most definitely end your search for quality dental care at affordable prices. Our friendly team and experienced dentists are what gives us an edge over other dental clinics in Mumbai. Contact us to get started with your journey towards a perfect smile.

  • How To Find The Best Dentist In Mumbai?

    Your search to find quality dental care ends here at “The Dental Arch”. Get in touch with our dental centre in Mumbai today to seek an appointment with out leading dentists.

  • Which Is The Best Dental Clinic For Dental Tourism In Mumbai?

    The Dental Arch would be the perfect destination for all your dental care needs in Mumbai. The Dental Arch is located in Bandra – The Queen of Suburbs in Mumbai. The dental clinic is situated close to the airport (20 mins), making it convenient for our international patients to commute. Bandra is also the most popular destination for expats to reside in India. There are numerous multicuisine restaurants serving various flavors from around the globe to cater to your taste buds. Experience dental tourism in Mumbai like never before.


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