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Complete Dentures

Time and age wait for no one. With age comes the problem of our elders having to lose their teeth or get them extracted because they were unsalvageable. With the loss of teeth comes the problem of having to be on a restricted diet due to lack of chewing ability, eventually leading to malnourishment. The solution? DENTURES.

Complete Dentures are removable prosthesis/artificial teeth which help a person chew in a situation where all the teeth are lost.

With today’s advancement in the field of dental material science The Dental Arch makes it is possible for you to get extremely aesthetic and natural looking dentures.

Complete dentures can be worn throughout the day, but have to be removed at night. They have to be then cleaned and stored in a water solution, which gets them ready to be put back on the next day.

1. What is a Bridge? / What are Fixed Partial Dentures?

Fixed Partial Denture and Bridge mean one and the same thing. These are the most widely fabricated used permanent prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. The prosthesis use two or more natural teeth present in the mouth, for support. The prosthesis is fabricated in the laboratory using either metal or ceramic material, ceramic being more popular as it can mimic the shade of the existing teeth and also be in harmony with the contour and anatomy of adjacent natural teeth. This fabricated structure can then be cemented permanently on the two or more prepared natural tooth structures.

We at The Dental Arch work only with those labs who have impeccable standards and follow our protocols of expertise. These labs use the best ceramic materials in the world, assuring you of long lasting aesthetic bridges.

2. What are Removable Partial Dentures?

Removable partial dentures are given in a situation where a patient has lost few teeth, with the other teeth intact. These dentures use support from these intact teeth in order to be in function. Their usage is similar to that of complete dentures, wherein they have to be removed at night and worn during the day.

Today removable partial dentures are given only in conditions where fixed partial dentures (Bridge) or an implant placement are not possible or inadvisable.

3. What are Implant Supported Dentures?

In situations where the patient has lost all the teeth, the only option usually given to him/her is complete dentures. These dentures sometimes do not have the kind of desired retention and fail to achieve the expectations of the patient and / or doctor. The patient might persistently complain of the denture falling or moving inside the mouth during biting. Implant supported dentures help overcome this problem.

Implant supported dentures are basically similar to complete dentures, but they take support from placed implants instead of the bone and muscles of the mouth. This is advantageous because the denture acquires more stability. This stability makes the patient more comfortable using the dentures by giving the confidence that the denture will not fall. In simple terms the dentures fit over the implants like press buttons!!!

The number of implants to be placed for implant supported dentures is at discretion of the implantologist and the needs of the patient. For more information see section on implant dentistry or contact the clinic for further details.

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