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General dentistry related services of the clinic include the following:

1. A complete oral health consultation

2. Cleaning (Scaling) of Teeth using automated scalers

3. Polishing of teeth to provide a natural gloss

4. Fillings of decayed (Carious) teeth with tooth coloured material.

5. Extraction of teeth that cannot be salvaged.

     1. Oral Health Consultation:

What will the consultation regarding oral health include?

The oral health consultation is the start to any subsequent dental procedure that is likely to follow at our Dental Clinic in Bandra, Mumbai . It will take about 10 minutes for the doctor to examine your mouth and take records of the condition of individual tooth and the other soft tissues in the oral cavity. This assessment will help us reach a suitable treatment plan that you may need.

Benefits of getting yourself regularly examined by a dentist?

A regular examination of your oral structures, including your teeth, gums, tongue, inner side of the cheeks and mucous membranes, can help you ward off more invasive treatment in case there is some minor anomaly in the mouth. It also helps the dentist to assess the need for any change in previous restorations that might be giving way, for example any old silver filling that might be giving way or an old crown that that might have become loose or cracked and which now needs a replacement.

     2. Cleaning (Scaling) of Teeth:

Cleaning of teeth also known as Scaling by Dental Professionals, is the removal of plaque, tartar and calculus from the teeth that a toothbrush is unable to remove. Plaque and Tartar are soft bacteria laden deposits whereas Calculus is the hardened Plaque and Tartar that covers the tooth surface and is rich in disease causing bacteria and bacterial products. These bacteria could lead to gum problems, tooth decay or in worst case could progress to some systemic disease involving the heart or the digestive system.

What does the Scaling Procedure Involve?

Scaling is a regular procedure carried out with the help of an Automated Ultrasonic Scaler at the The Dental Arch Clinic, Mumbai. The aim is to remove the plaque, tartar and calculus which harbour bacteria and may lead to gum diseases and tooth decay.

What are the benefits of getting Scaling / Cleaning done regularly?

One should get professional cleaning of the teeth done every 6 months in order to avoid built up of plaque, tartar and calculus. Our State Of The Art Dental Clinic in Bandra, Mumbai would be happy to remind you of the same, from time to time.

Following are the advantages of Scaling:

1.  Prevents gum problems.

2.  Prevents decay of teeth.

3.  Helps reduce bad breath.

4.  Helps teeth regain their natural gloss

What are the risks and complications of Scaling?

There is absolutely no risk involved. It is a completely non invasive and superficial procedure which is carried out routinely by our Experienced Dentists at our Dental Clinic in Mumbai .

How much time does a dentist take to complete the Scaling / Cleaning procedure at The Dental Arch?

The time required to complete Scaling/ Cleaning And Polishing at our World Class Dental Clinic in Mumbai is usually about 30 minutes and can be carried out in one session itself. At times when there is excessive plaque or tartar built up in the patient’s mouth, the procedure could span over a period of two sessions.

How regularly should one get scaling/cleaning done?

Ideally one should get his/her scaling of teeth done every 6 months. The dentist might advice a more frequent or a less frequent visit to the patient for scaling depending on the oral hygiene condition.

     3. Polishing of Teeth:

Polishing of teeth is usually carried out after the Scaling procedure and is sometimes considered a continuation of the scaling procedure. It is carried out to return the teeth their natural shine and gloss.

How is polishing of the teeth carried out?

Polishing of teeth is usually carried out using a professional polishing paste and an automated brush.

How much time does polishing of teeth require?

Polishing requires about 15 minutes at The Dental Arch Clinic, Mumbai .

What are the benefits of polishing the teeth?

Polishing of teeth helps the enamel of the tooth to regain its gloss and shine. It also helps to reduce the stains that were not removed during the scaling procedure.

     4. Fillings of Carious (Decayed) Teeth with tooth coloured restorative material:

Decay of teeth happens due to bacterial activity followed by acidic action over the tooth surface. It can be observed over the tooth as a blackish, brownish or yellowish discolouration which may also show loss of tooth structure. This decay in dental terms is known as caries. A dental filling will prevent caries from approaching the nerve and the blood vessels encased inside the tooth and prevent the tooth from needing a root canal.

What is the material used to restore a Carious (Decayed) tooth?

Carious teeth that do not require a root canal are filled with tooth coloured composite filling material. The procedure involves the removal of the carious and decayed tooth structure followed by the replacement of this lost tooth structure with the composite filling material.

Earlier the filling material of choice was silver amalgam which contained mercury as one of its components. This mercury was toxic in nature. With the advent of newer and superior filling material today one does not need to use silver amalgam filling material. The Dental Arch Clinic in Khar-Bandra is a Mercury free clinic thus following highest standards of safety for our esteemed patients.

What are the benefits of a tooth coloured restoration?

The advantages of tooth coloured restorations are:

  1. The fillings are highly aesthetic. If neatly done by the dentist using superior material it is impossible for the naked eye to distinguish between the natural tooth structure and the filling material.
  2. These restorations are strong enough to bear the forces of chewing.
  3. These fillings also provide a long service life.
  4. The dentist is able to restore the original contours of the tooth with the composite material, this was not possible with the silver restorations.

What does the after care of tooth coloured restorations / fillings involve?

Unlike silver fillings which required a person to avoid chewing from that tooth for about 24 hours, composite fillings have no such restrictions. After leaving the dental office the patient can have the food of his or her choice immediately. After care of a tooth coloured filling material only requires the patient to keep the area clean with regular brushing techniques.

How much time does it take for a dentist to restore a decayed / carious tooth?

It takes the dentist under 20 minutes to remove the decay and replace it with a filling material.

Also see section on Cosmetic Dentistry for Aesthetic Fillings.

     5. Extractions of Teeth:

Carried Out By The Best Oral Surgeons In Mumbai

Extractions or removal of teeth may be required in the event a tooth becomes grossly decayed and cannot be saved even by a root canal.

How are extractions of teeth carried out?

Extraction of teeth is carried out with the help of a forceps. The dentist attempts to remove the tooth in a single piece unless the destruction of the tooth is to such an extent that the removal has to be done piece by piece of the left over tooth.

How much time does it take to extract a tooth?

On an average it takes a total of 10 to 15 minutes of patient time to extract a tooth at our Dental Clinic in Bandra.

What is the post operative care that is to be followed after an extraction?

The following instructions will be given to the patient after the extraction procedure:

1. Placement of a gauze plug over the extraction site for 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Having cold food for the first 24 hours after the extraction.

3. Placement of an icepack from the outside in order to avoid swelling.

4. Avoiding aerated drinks for the first 4 days after the extraction.

5. Avoiding any consumption of drinks with a straw.

6. Avoiding smoking of cigarettes or chewing of tobacco for at least 7 days after the procedure.

7. Avoiding pressure or heat application on the side of the extracted tooth.

Our experienced dentists at our Dental Clinic in Bandra-Khar would also handover a print out of the instructions after the surgery

For wisdom tooth extractions please see section on Oral Surgical Procedures.

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