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Get A Root Canal Re-Treatment By The Top Dentists In Bandra-Khar, Mumbai


Root Canal Retreatment

Ideally a root canal treated tooth should last a life time. Sometimes though, as is the case with all medical procedures, a root canal treatment may not be successful. In such cases an attempt is made to save the tooth by a procedure called Root Canal Retreatment or Endodontic Retreatment. This procedure will basically provide a new lease of life to the tooth.

1. Why Does One Need Endodontic Retreatment (Root Canal Retreatment)?

Like any other medical procedure, a tooth also might not heal as expected after the dentist has performed a Root canal treatment. This lack of healing of the tooth may be due to the following reasons:

a) Complicated internal anatomy of the tooth and its roots.

b) Oversight of one or more canals, resulting in inadequate cleaning and subsequently inadequate disinfection and filling of the canals.

c) Delay in placing the crown / cap over a root canal treated tooth.

d) Salivary contamination of the canals due to cracked, loose or broken filling.

e) Tooth sustaining a fracture, which subsequently causes a new infection in the canals.

f) Fresh decay of the tooth months or years after root canal treatment.

2. What does the Endodontic / Root Canal Retreatment procedure involve?

Firstly it is imperative for you and our Endodontist (Root Canal Treatment Specialist) to discuss the case and also the treatment options available to you. Once it is decided that retreatment is to be attempted the following is the procedure that will be followed:

– Removal of the Cap / Crown if it has been placed

– Removal of the filling that was placed over the opening that was previously created to locate the canals

– Removal of the old filling that was placed in the canals

– Finding missed canals if any

– Cleaning and Disinfecting the canals

– Refilling of the canals

– Refilling of the opening that was made to reach the canal

All this is followed by the placement of a new Crown / Cap. The old Cap DOES NOT fit again after retreatment.

3. Is Endodontic Retreatment the best choice?

Having discussed the scenarios in which the tooth might have to be retreated, the Endodontist at our Dental Clinic in Bandra, Mumbai will also take into consideration the future prognosis of the tooth as well as the remaining tooth structure that would be left to support the crown. It is only after this complete assessment that you will be suggested to undergo root canal retreatment. Thus when it comes to saving and preserving the natural tooth, it automatically becomes the best choice.

4. How much time does Root Canal Retreatment take?

Root Canal Retreatment is a highly specialized job requiring precision work at the Endodontist’s end. It thus takes between two to three sittings of 40 minutes each. In between each sitting medicaments will be placed inside the tooth to make sure that the healing of the tooth takes place before the final filling.

5. What are the other options apart from retreatment?

In case retreatment is required and the patient does not opt for it, the choices available to the patient are few. The patient might have to undergo an extraction of the tooth followed by the placement of a bridge or may have to get a dental implant placed. Endodontic surgery can be performed if retreatment is not elected or it is not possible.

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