Dental Surgery By The Best Dental Surgeons / Painfree Extractions Of Teeth In Bandra-Khar-Santacruz

Oral Surgical Procedures Carried Out By Top Oral Surgeons In Bandra & Khar, Mumbai

Patients might have to undergo minor oral surgical procedures at some point or the other in life. The Dental Arch Dental Clinic in Bandra offers you surgical procedures at the hands of the Best Oral Surgeons in Mumbai.

An oral surgery can cure a wide variety of problems relating to the mouth, teeth and facial regions ranging from cosmetic facial surgery to corrective jaw surgery and wisdom tooth removal. We can also diagnose and treat facial pain, facial injuries and dysfunction in the jaw, and perform a full range of Dental Implant Procedures.

What is the most common Surgical Procedure in Dentistry?

The most common Surgical Procedure in Dentistry that one might have to undergo is a Dental Extraction / Tooth Extraction. A tooth might need an extraction in the event it is decayed beyond repair or for Orthodontic Treatment to be carried out.

What is tooth impaction?

A tooth is considered impacted when it is embedded in the bone and there is no space for it to erupt normally.

The teeth most commonly impacted are the wisdom teeth. The impacted teeth create an area of food lodgement and mild infection resulting in pain and decay of the tooth. In some cases impacted teeth might also impinge upon adjacent teeth and cause pain and decay in them. The Dental Arch is proud to have the Best Oral Surgeons in Mumbai on its panel for a comfortable surgical experience at our Dental Clinic in Khar – Bandra, Mumbai.

Which other oral surgical procedure can be carried out at the clinic?

The Dental Arch is equipped to handle any minor oral surgical procedure that comes its way. Be it cysts or benign tumours, we are there to help you get treated by the Best Oral Surgeons in Mumbai

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